Cancellation / Refund Policy

We promise to serve in the best way possible. Also, trust in our quality will wish to build the same among our customers.

If you are willing to apply for a refund or cancellation, return, or replacement, please refer to the following:

- For the process of either refund, return, or replacement Motiwala Gems and Jewels will thoroughly check the cause of the request.

- If the product is damaged by us while in transit we shall make sure that we replace the jewellery item

- If the customer applies for a refund or a replacement, we shall understand the reason for it. If the jewellery item is not as per the image on the website, we shall assure to replace it. - Under any circumstances, Motiwala Gems and Jewels will make sure to investigate the reason behind the replacement, refund, or return and then process it.

- Any refund requested shall take 7-10 working days.

- Processing of refund will be entirely under Motiwala Gems and Jewels’ discretion.

- Kindly do not store our Fashion Jewellery in a velvet material box. Please use a plastic zip-lock bag to store and preserve the items.

- Any refund, replacement, or return request will not be entertained 3 days after delivery of the product.

- Motiwala Gems and Jewels will accept cancellation of any order within 24-hours only. Post which the item will be shipped and then one can apply for return within the mentioned timeline.

- Kindly note, that we will not entertain complaints if the user is not following our instructions that is necessary to keep the items safely.

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